Above: Left to Right  

  • A shot of the south end of the Ingraham Trail which leads to the Ice Road.
  • Ice Road Flooders re-inforcing the ice using Typoon Pumps. 
  • A flood truck draws water from the lake to use in flooding.

Above Left to Right. 

  • A tracked Haglan vehicle used for profiling and  construction of new roads.
  • A shot of one of the portages at early morning, noting the bubble gum hue in the skyline.
  • Another mornig shot taken northbound as a southbound convoy approaches.

 Above: A shot coming off Portage 44 into the ice Fog of Warberton Lake.

Maintenance Crews cutting a cross-over in what will become the Empty Lane South on McKay Lake

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Tibbitt to Conwoyto Ice Road

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