These are Photo's from previous iceroads, once this season starts I will update the blog with new photos.


MJ Preston at Misery Mine  

  Above left to right: 1. MJ Preston on Misery Road  2. Flatbed on McKay Lake  3. Ice on Hammer Lane

The first photo was taken in 2013 on the Misery Road which is mentioned in my novel Acadia Event and the others illustrate the beauty of the rising sun against the ocean ice. The third is to show the cracks in the ice that are actually quite normal.

1. The Pit at the Ekati Diamond Mine   2. A 777 Rock truck emerging.   3.  Sleeping Giant 

For those of you who have read Acadia Event, this is a great depiction of the mine pits, giving perspective to the depth of the pits and how something as big as a 777 rock truck is dwarfed by the depth. The massive giant you see me standing in front of is from the machine graveyard I visited during my 2012 ice road. It may well have been dismatled and shipped south.

1. Northern lights at YK yard         2. Taken south of arctic circle     3. Taken on Portage

This photo was my first attempt at capturing the Northern Lights. While others were sleeping I could be found skulking around in the dark with my camera in complete awe of the light show. The second photo was taken in the barrens, which in the right light is like running on the surface of the moon. The last was taken on a portage south of Snap Lake Mine, which was the inspiration for the Acadia Mine and a variation of this photo found it's way onto the cover of the book.


1. All of the photos above are Lockhart Lake Camp the Halfway point to the Ekati Diamond Mine

For those of you who have read Acadia Event, Lockhart Lake was the model for the outpost Corbett Lake Camp. On my virgin run up the ice we found ourselves stranded here after a pressure ridge closed the road. A pressure ridge is when two opposing sheets of ice on a lake butt against each other and rise up much like earth's tectonic plates create mountains.



Foxes regularly came out to check on us, while others ignored the rumbling trucks to eat.

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Tibbitt to Conwoyto Ice Road

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  Something buried in the ice, not of this world and it is about to be unleashed.